Those who believe in the God worshipped by Orthodox Christians would never have thought of evolution.

Hyeromonk Seraphim Rose
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Evolution: an unsupervised, impersonal, unpredictable and natural process of temporal descent with genetic modification that is affected by natural selection, chance and changing environments is a philosophical assumption
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The purpose of this site is to present and update the Church's teaching reflected in the Holy Scripture and the interpretation of the Holy Fathers, related to creation of the world. The word "Hexaimeron" (Ή Έξαήμερον) is greek, "hexa" means "six" and "imeron" means "days" and it refers to those 6 days described in the book of Genesis Chapter I. Hexaimeron refers to the patristic comentaries that refer to the biblical creation. The first Christian writer who used this term was Theophilos of Antioch, but the one who gave consistency to it was Saint Basilius the Great. Please note that the site name is and not or As we will show below, geocentrism is not the main subject or purpose, but the one of the states: the 6 days of Genesis as they are described in the Scripture and the Fathers, especially in homilies entitled "hexaimeron".

This site is a theological one, an Orthodox Christian. It furthermore contains elements of ancient astronomy and some scientific research in the contemporary creationism. The basic idea we want to convey is this: We believe and confess that the creation of the world: cosmos, life, man, it is a MYSTERY AND A MIRACLE. It is Mystery as is direct work of God and Miracle since it is not a natural and normal repeatable phenomenon, but something supernatural and unique. It can not be searched otherwise than through the natural and supernatural revelation.

Broadly speaking, the "natural" revelation means the activity of the ancient pagan wise men before Christ, who, though not having received the prophets revealed Law, however, had indirect access to knowledge of the truth, through the skills settled in their hearts. It's about human efforts which trough the contemplation of nature can somehow reach the Creator. Here we can put the wisdom of the ancient Greeks, like Plato and Aristotle, who took teachings about natural sciences from Moses and the Egyptians. The Fathers of the Church have kept from those almost entirely the cosmology, the composition of the cosmos, celestial mechanics, etc. The model taken further by The Church was that of a limited spherical universe whose center is a stationary Earth around which everything revolves: the seven planets and stars.

The supernatural revelation is coming from God to man, it is straightforward and is given from the beginning to the prophets, among whom Moses shines in the highest rank. It is contained in the Holy Scripture not only in the book of Genesis but also in many other places. This scriptural revelation of the Holy Spirit was interpreted by the Holy Fathers inspired by the same Spirit and is the supreme unerring knowledge, unchanged and true in all the places and times. It can not be dependent on "knowledge of science/technical" of a particular era.

Here we meet a radical contrast to the ancient cosmology related concepts namely: How did the universe, life and man appear. Here The Church rejected the errors of the ancients: polytheism, eternal matter, etc., and combined the cosmogony of the Scripture with the ancient geocentric cosmology. This teaching lasted virtually unchanged for thousands of years. Based on that it was developed also that liturgical framework of the Church: the church calendar. This teaching began to be challenged and amended in western Catholic and Protestant area starting with the 16th century. A great part of the modern science, which occurred after that date until today, is in manifest contradiction with the revelation, reaching a completely different cosmogony, cosmology, anthropology and biology. Astrophysics and biology, taught in schools in the last hundred years, are deeply imbued with an atheistic and evolutionistic, antichristic and antichurch vision.

At the end of last century, in the same Catholic and (neo) Protestant Western area arouse several scientific efforts to return to a "natural" revelation harmonized with the traditional teaching of the Church. Such trends have emerged in the schools of creationism and modern geocentricism.

In our orthodox area the first who took a similar task in regard to the question of "creationism" was Father Seraphim Rose. Going after his pioneering work, other Orthodox creationists/antievolutionists emerged, including in our country. Following this upbringing and very useful example, we thought it appropriate to continue this work especially with the cosmological issues, bringing back to light this invaluable treasure of knowledge, buried under thick mud and almost unknown in all environments, including the monastery. Clearly is that helio/acentrism is the greatest deception present, including people of all confessions, religions, ages and cultural levels! So it will be very hard to dispel it, we will face more opposition and scandal, but also souls to be won!

Being an Orthodox theological site, it cannot be based in any way on any human "science", whether ancient, classical, modern or contemporary. The fundamental of the true faith is not grounded upon these shaky, uncertain, changing and always subject to error human bases as are those who generate them - how "geniuses" may them be! We believe in God and His works, among which in high honor is the creation of the world - cosmology and biology - and of man - anthropology. We do not engage directly in scientific polemics "creationism-evolutionism" and "geocentrism-helio/acentrism" but only implicit and indirectly, we believe that these polemics are devoid of substance, depth and relevance to the Orthodox Christian spirituality.

The key issue that concerned us was the composition of the cosmos, and indeed the conflict between teaching and human revealed here is radical. Any "dialogue" or bridge between these cosmologies is excluded from the start, both for the purpose of creation and in its composition. The Revelation is not a shred of evidence of lack and need, demonstrations, research and scientific theories of any kind. We do not need evidence of this kind, rather we have the Scripture, the Fathers, senses and reason.

If, however, may have appeared in our pages too many demonstrations and scientific treatment, from ancient and modern creationists and geocentrists, it was just to satisfy those who appear to need the scientific confirmation as much as air. But those who do not believe the words of Scripture and the Fathers, believing that they were proven as delusions by "science" neither will they if they get some evidence and compelling and convincing demonstrations, for behold, everything becomes a matter of faith and love for God and His teachings work!

Being a pioneer work in the orthodox area, it contains certainly gaps and possible errors, for which we ask for understanding and straightening with love. Please pray for the people who did this work and let us give glory to God for His deed and the fact that He takes care that we should hear about it, despite many obstacles!

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